our world famous incredible buffalo wings are one of our most renowned signature dishes and carry an exquisite flavour

our incredible buffalo wing sauce is known for many miles around
and is our most popular dish, possibly because of its
mouthwatering, finger-licking incredible taste!

having spent over 20 years unsuccessfully searching the globe for
the perfect wing sauce, we decided to develop our own.

we set about creating a masterpiece by sampling , tasting, tweaking,
sampling and tasting some more and then realised developing a
truly incredible wing sauce was going to take some time.

8 years later we had perfected our recipe which is now regarded as the elixir of wing sauce here at Luigi Malones.

Filling the restaurant with a mouthwatering aroma when they
come out of the kitchen, our incredible buffalo wings are the ones
to try if you haven’t already

Our famous Incredible Buffalo Wing sauce is also available on our
Dirty Bear pizza, or as a separate dipping sauce, but be warned –
it is incredibly addictive!

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