guaranteed tender
100% irish steaks from our himalayan salt chamber aged for a minimum of 28 days and cooked to perfection

All of the steaks at Luigi Malones are 100% Irish and aged in our exclusive Himalayan Dry Ageing Salt Chamber for a minimum of 28 days.

We believe they are the best steaks in Cork!

By creating an atmosphere that surrounds the steaks with 200 million-year-old Himalayan salt bricks, moisture is drawn from both the air and the meat, which has the effect of lowering the humidity.

This change in humidity creates a process of ionisation where positive ions from the steak and negative ions from the salt counteract. In other words, the ageing process creates great tasting steaks that are guaranteed tender every time.

Perfectly seasoned, and flame grilled in a real charcoal fire Argentinean Parrilla.

In Buenos Aires, it’s quite common to see a giant bonfire smouldering in the window of good restaurants.

This is the Parrilla, a charcoal fire, over which meat is grilled. And they are quite a spectacle, all running juices and hissing fat.

The Parrilla barbeques in Argentina can be huge structures – the size of your bathroom big, often equipped with “a hoist wheel” added to raise and lower the grill bars.

Luigi Malones has now introduced Parrilla cooking to the heart of Cork! We have custom designed and installed our very own Parrilla, as we believe it to be the epitome of great flavour.

Hot coals are the greatest taste-enhancer and the most direct at seasoning and aromatizing food as they cook it. We hope you will grow to love and enjoy the Parrilla experience at Luigi Malones!

We serve our steaks with succulent caramelised onions, mushrooms and our special steak sauce.

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